Image of Handmade Wolf Skull Necklace Gold

Handmade Wolf Skull Necklace Gold


Handmade Wolf Skull Necklace

Made out of Resin and Stainless Steel
Each pendant is unique. There can occur some small imperfections like irregularities caused by sanding or tiny air bubbles.

Charm 3,5cm
Necklace 50cm

Resin, 14k Gold

The necklace is 14k (585) gold filled.
„Gold filled“ comprises a solid layer of gold permanently bonded to a base metal, the gold coat is 100 times thicker than usual gold plated jewelery.

So although it is not completly gold, the layer won‘t wear off or flake.
Gold does not tarnish easily, it does not rust and is great for people with sensitive skin.

19% German VAT (sales tax) included in the prices quoted.

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